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The KGK Korner is the historical archives of the beginnings of the 76ers Social Group.  It was Richard and Nate who started this amazing bunch years ago.  It continues today stronger and better than ever. 

It is however with sad hearts that we say goodbye to our dear friend L. Richard Heward, K7KGK.  He was a good friend to so many of us.  He is the reason that there even is a 76ers group not to mention breathing life into the 76 repeater that lay almost dormant and facing extinction until he and Nate came along.  Today it is a thriving group and repeater where many people come together as friends and dare I say family as we all feel like one big family.  We will miss you immensely Richard (Grandpa of the 76ers) 

Last Wednesday was the “Silent Key” net for Richard.  Here is the audio from that event.  Some words may get a little chapped as the recording system was set to only record keyed mics and not silence so it didn’t work perfectly.


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